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March 28

All my muscles hurt, this bloody T25 thing seems to be working. The good news is that the weekend is here and the sun is out so unless you pay the bills by having to spend 8 hours in an office, get yourself out there and enjoy the lovely weather.

As for this week, it has all been very quiet. Too quiet for my taste, really. Not much happening at work and nothing happening by night, which means I have been mostly at home re-watching “The Shield”, still one of my favourite series of all time. I waited 3 years in order to forget some of the details of the story so I could watch it again and experience some of the excitement of the first time, and guess what? It’s working!

I’m now halfway through season 4, just when it starts to get really intense, and along the way I have found myself marvelling at some of the dialogues (there have been many great lines but so far my favourite has to be Antwon Mitchell’s nasty threat to Shane – see below), the roughness of the scenes, the complexity of some of the characters… man, it’s just brilliantly written. If you haven´t watch it yet, do yourself a favour and please start watching it now. You won’t regret it.


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March 24


So The Rolling Stones are playing Roskilde this year… that´s fantastic news, especially on a Monday morning. I wanted to go see them in London last year but tickets were quite expensive and it was too much of a hassle, so knowing that I might actually get to see them this year is indeed very exciting. I suspect it’s going to be a serious rock n’ roll party.

Now, dear Satan, please take care of them and keep them safe until then, ok?

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March 22

Today, as every Saturday, I woke up and cycled to Sort Kaffe of Vinyl to get my mandatory dosage of caffeine and to continue my reading of that Phillip K. Dick book I started last week, but much to my surprise, my little favourite coffeeshop was closed today. Major bummer. In the face of such setback, I decided to drop by my ex-favourite coffeeshop, which is just around the corner, and it was probably the best move I could have made this morning; I got there and behind the counter there was this super fit girl playing some of my beloved records: first it was “Use Your Illusion I”, then “Flashpoint”, shortly after “Ace of Spades” and “Rage Against The Machine”, and finally “Evil Empire”. It was fantastic.


At some point, I had to stand up and go there to tell her how much I loved her music taste. I just had to. She seemed to have appreciated the compliment. We chatted for a bit and she told me she’s planning to go to Palestine in April for an undetermined period but that maybe we could catch up if she was back in the Summer, which I really doubt, not because I suspect she won’t return before then but simply because I think none of us would really be that interested to make an effort to meet up again, so I considered this to be nothing but a nice one-off interaction that really made my morning.

To top it all, I also met a really lovely blonde girl with beautiful blue eyes called Liv, who was sitting next to me reading Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” so I asked her what her thoughts on it were, and from there we started a very enjoyable conversations about books, music (she turned out to be a The National fan), film (I asked her if she had seen “Mistaken For Strangers”, a The National documentary premiered last year – she hadn’t seen it so I recommended her to watch it), Roskilde Festival and my experience in Denmark so far. You know those moments in which you find yourself going from one topic to the other , effortlessly, thinking “wow, we like the same things! how fucking cool is that!”? Well, it was exactly like that. It just flowed.

Halfway through our conversation though, her very hungover friend showed up (Liv had been waiting for her) and brought everything to an abrupt end. A real shame. Liv introduced me to her friend, who told us she had been at her younger sister’s housewarming party the night before and had drank way too much alcohol in an effort to keep up with the cheerful teens and now she was dying. We chatted for a bit but they left shortly after because Miss Hungover needed some fresh air. Liv and I said goodbye and we both agreed it had been a real pleasure to chat but, for some stupid reason, I didn’t make a move. I should have asked her out, try to get her phone number, something! I’m not saying there was any kind of flirt involved, I’m not even saying that she was interested beyond this casual conversation, but just the fact that this exchange happened in plain daylight, with no alcohol involved, on Danish soil, is a remarkable indication of her character. I just found her very interesting and instead of suggesting we meet up again,  I just sat there, half playing it cool and half not knowing exactly what to say, managing only to sputter a very lame “maybe I’ll see you around sometime” before she left. “Maybe”, she said with a smile and then disappeared.

Now, Copenhagen is small but not that small. What are the odds of running into this girl again? It’s just not gonna happen. “Maybe I’ll see you around sometime”… Jeez, what a fucking moron.

* * * *

Went with Carlos to a place called Sporvejen for lunch today, good stuff. Fantastic burgers and even better staff serving the tables, if you know what I mean.

Speaking of beautiful women, here’s Annie Clark. I miss the distorted guitars, the messy solos and the pick scrapes but apart from that, this version of “Marrow” (skip to 8m24s)  is pretty good.

PS: I still like the ACL version better, though.

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March 20

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon/evening at Søllerød Golf Klub, documenting a night run we organized to launch a little campaign for one of the agency’s clients (I went there to help with the production and oversee the shoot for a short film we plan to release sometime next week). Got home around 9pm, so tired that I didn’t have the energy to stand in front of my computer to do my 25-minute a day training program, which I started on Tuesday.

My friend Carlos told me about this Focus T25 workout program that promises to “push you as hard—or harder—than any hour-long workout you’ve ever done. A workout that will have you dripping with sweat after 10 minutes, and totally done in 25.” Sounds too good to be true but let me tell you something, they were right about the “dripping with sweat after 10 minutes” bit. I was fucking dying. Despite missing my second day of training, I plan to take this seriously – not because I’m jumping on the “Summer is coming, I need to get fit!” bandwagon but because I feel like I really need to look after myself a bit better; too many nights out, too much alcohol and just too little exercise. Nothing good can come out of that. So, I’m doing this 25-minute a day workout, I’m eating healthier and now that Spring is almost here, I might as well start playing tennis again, too.

However, if you ever find me considering the possibility of getting a spray tan, please STOP ME right there!

* * * *

For a while, I have been wondering if it could be possible to turn porn into something more meaningful than it actually is; you know, just not video content you wank to but something that could actually have a positive impact on society. Can porn, let’s say, be used as a platform for social good? I know it’s hard to imagine, considering the social stigma it carries, but then again such ubiquitous and powerful industry, with such strong influence, certainly must have the means to become a driving force of positive change if it wanted to. I’m not sure what kind of change it could possibly be, though. That’s what I keep asking myself. Maybe it’s just a stupid idea, a dead end, but I have been playing with this thought for a while and I hope one day the pieces fall into place inside my head and I can come up with some game-changing idea that will revolutionize the porn industry.

While that happens, I encourage you to check this out; it’s a slide deck by Steve Johnson entitled “Relieving Frustration – The UX of Porn”, which he presented a SXSW this year. It’s fascinating. Basically, what he argues is that the porn industry is at the forefront of digital innovation, embracing new technologies and really making an effort to understand their users’ changing needs. They can teach us a lot about immersion, too; anyone who has ever visited a porn site knows what I’m talking about.

On that same note, read this interesting article about “How to make better porn” and when you’re done, watch this:

“Using as her source material a segment of 1970s European softcore pornography, Naomi Uman created this derived piece by painstakingly removing the female from each frame using bleach and nail polish remover, thus presenting the viewer with a bizarre, ghostly effect of a figure; a blank void of a woman.”

BONUS: In case you missed it, Reddit asked its users to sum up their first sexual experiences in SFW gifs and the contributions are HILARIOUS. If you don’t fancy going through the whole thread, here’s a little best of.

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March 17

St. Patrick’s Day and I randomly come across this:


Very appropriate and it explains a lot.

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March 15

Today, a random stranger googled my housemate’s name, found one of his friends’ phone number online, called her up, asked her my housemate’s phone number and gave him a call, just to let him know that he had found my wallet, which I somehow managed to drop while I was cycling home this morning.

This is a fine example of a) how wonderful Denmark is in some aspects and b) how technology and a hyperconnected world is enabling people to engage and collaborate to solve problems. On the other hand, I guess it also comes to show how our personal data privacy is at risk, considering it took this random stranger less than an hour to track me down.

In any case, I’m happy the Internet was on my side this time around, it would have been an absolute pain in the arse to get all my papers again. The only downside to this happy ending is that I have no food at home, can’t be bothered to go to the supermarket and just called Domino’s to order a pizza and they told me they only accept payments by card, which I’m not allowed to make at the moment because I blocked my card when I realised I had lost my wallet.

God, I’m starving…

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March 13

Shit, I’m finding it damn hard to keep up with this diary. The sun is out and it’s just impossible to prevent myself from going out for a drink after work, which usually results in late nights and hangovers that sabotage my journal-keeping. Not that I’m complaining, really. I wouldn’t hesitate to put this blog to death if every single day from now onwards emulate the ones we have been enjoying lately; crisp air, clear sunny skies, smiling beautiful girls gracing the streets… trust me, it’s a truly joyful experience.

The downside to all this wonderful Spring merrymaking, though, is that I’ve spent most of the time indoors, trapped in the office, looking out of the window, wishing I could just walk away from my desk and fuck off to set camp in the nearest park, an action that would carry terrible economic consequences so, instead of deliberately compromising my source of income, I just stare at clock menacingly in an effort to coerce it to tick a little bit faster. So far, this intimidation technique has proven unsuccessful but I will keep trying.

Now, here’s an odd bit: a couple of days ago, while I was on the bus on my way home, I was thinking about the imminent need to get a new second-hand bike and that led me to think about locks, and how ubiquitous keys are in our lives. I know this observation is not particularly mind-blowing but still, it struck me. Just think about it. Think about every door there is in the world. Yes, some have electronic locks but most of them are still old-school, which means they need a key to operate them. And then there are all the old school cars, bike locks, cupboards, cabinets, secret dear diaries… all in need of a unique, small security token to gain access to them.

This made me wonder, are all keys different? I might be making a complete fool out of myself by posing this potentially stupid question but really, is every single key in the world different? If so, how do they manage to create unique combinations using a very limited set of teeth on the blade? Is it possible that the key to my house also exists, let’s say, somewhere in China? Seriously, I’m gonna need to look that up and dig myself out of the ignorance shit hole I’m currently in.

In other news, this week I finished Russell Brand’s second book, which I found quite entertaining although the bits in which he reminisced about his various foursomes made me slightly jealous (I’m flesh and bones, after all). Now that I’m done with “My Booky Wook 2”, I’m moving onto a Phillip K. Dick megapack I bought from Amazon a couple of months ago and I think I will really enjoy it, his short stories are legendary and it’s time for me to finally get acquainted with his work.

Also, this week people went nuts (24 million views and counting) over that “First Kiss” video, which turned out to be an ad for Slate, a clothing company. Well, today Trudy sent me this, which I embraced with an internal childish smirk and clap of joy.

Man, I love the Internet.

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March 2

This week I realised I might actually be getting old. I fell sick for the second time in less than a month (on this occasion, I also got fever in addition to the mandatory snot + headache + sore throat + sneezing combo) and once I recovered from that, a couple of days later, I decided to go out and celebrate my friend Carlos’ birthday with a few drinks; we had a lovely dinner with Marisa, Anastasia, Marianne and Jana on Wednesday evening and then we agreed to meet again on Friday night for warm up drinks at his dorm before going out.

It sounded like a nice plan but I somehow managed to overlook the fact that Friday was also the day in which we were planning to say goodbye to Aaron with a few drinks at work; Aaron had been working at Advance for 6 years and now that he’s moving on, the agency wanted to show its gratitude by throwing a little party. It started with beers in the office, at four in the afternoon. That continued until eight in the evening, when we decided to take the party to Ruby and switch the beers for cocktails. I had 2 glasses of champaigne and two um-based cocktails before I said goodbye to the office bunch and headed over to Carlos’ dorm. Shortly after I got there, we started playing a silly game called “Flipping Cups” in which you drink shots of beer while you try to master the art of flipping plastic cups on a table. As I played, I could feel my brain slowly melting and by the time we decided to go out, around two in the morning, my whole system was well advance in the process of shutting everything down.

We took a cab to the Meat Packing district and as we cruised along the city, my stomach started showing the first signs of rebellion against alcohol. For a moment, I seriously wondered if I was going to be able to make it to our destination without splashing everything I had ingested all over the the car’s nice leather dashboard. Surprisingly, I managed to get my shit together and we arrived to Karriere without any embarrassing incidents but I had to leave shortly after we got in because I just could feel my body rapidly falling apart and my perception dramatically getting distorted. I had been drinking for twelve hours, after all.


At work – this is how everything started…

 I walked out of the bar without saying goodbye to any of the guys, took a bus back home and just when I stepped out of it, I threw up on the street. Then I did again five minutes later. And then three more times after that, it was horrible. I spent all Saturday feeling sorry for myself but at least I managed to roll out of bed to meet Ash for a coffee in Norrebro, which was nice. I actually had tea, hoping it would make me feel better but in reality it didn’t make much of a difference; I was feeling crap before I drank it and felt crap afterwards. Got home, took a nap and then got ready to meet Carlos and the rest of the guys at Jana’s place, where she had organised a lovely dinner. I ate but decided not to drink any alcohol, which was a fantastic idea. Today, my body was very grateful for it.

After the last couple of weeks, I think it’s time for me to take it easy for a while. Fun comes at a price I’m usually pretty happy to pay but I feel like my health is starting to suffer a bit with all this crazy partying so from tomorrow onwards, I plan to be a bit more responsible with my drinking. Less quantity, less mixing, and maybe a little more sleep. I’m also going to make an effort to eat better and do some sort of physical activity other than bending my elbow, maybe tennis. We’ll see.

Oh, speaking of drinking responsibly, I finally managed to edit that episode of the GustaPOD I recorded with Nathan Cooper (Creative Director and founder of rubbishcorp) a month ago and it’s now online, in case you have a spare hour to listen to it. I had a great time talking to him and I think his music selection was very nice so, who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy it.

When you’re done with that, please take the time to listen to the latest Spiritualized record. It’s really, really nice…

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