February 9

I just got back from an afternoon shooting a little video in Søborg, north of Copenhagen, with some people from the agency. We’re taking part in a competition to make an ad to promote Smukfest – Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival, as they call it – and decided to go ahead with a silly idea we had in mind. The original concept mutated substantially due to technical limitations but considering we didn’t have any money, no time to pre-produce it and will have barely a few days to edit it, I think it might turn out quite well.


Seen on my way to Søborg: not quite roller skating, not quite skiing. This is just the kind of thing I simply don’t get.

In the house where we were shooting, there was a lovely greyhound called “Chloe”. She reminded me how much I miss my dogs. I spent a few minutes petting her and she seemed to love it as much as I did, which made me think there should definitely be a place you could go and pay a few bucks to pet a random dog. I mean, come on. If there are paid public toilets, why can’t there be paid public pets?

Anyway, it’s been two weeks now since I recorded the podcast with Nathan and I haven’t been able to finish editing it, partly because I realised that my voice parts sound like shit. I tested my mic before the recording and it sounded perfect but I suppose that once I opened Audio Hijack Pro, the software I use to record Skype conversations, the audio settings must have been somehow altered, which resulted in me sounding as if I was talking from inside a bottle. Luckily for me, Nathan’s voice sound very clear so I just need to figure out how to fix my parts. That’s gonna be tricky.


Speaking of sound, I have been listening to “Cold Fact”, the debut album from American singer-songwriter Rodriguez, quite a lot and I have to say, what a wonderful record. Last Wednesday, Copenhagen woke up to a beautiful sunny day so I put my headphones on and rode to work listening to “Cold Fact”, it felt as if Rodriguez had recorded it with a bright winter morning in mind.

Powerful lyrics, catchy melodies… the album is just terrific. I must watch “Searching for Sugar Man” soon and get “Cold Fact” on vinyl, I believe I would enjoy playing it at home while I sip coffee and think about life.

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