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February 24

Ann-Christin, Stefania and Ana visited me this weekend and we totally smashed it, lovely to see them after so long.


Exhausted tourists sunbathing

On the other hand my phone broke down, my bike got stolen and I woke up sick this morning.

All in all, a really fun weekend. Well done, everyone.

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February 19

I’ve been quite busy over the last few days, shooting a few ads for one of the agency’s clients. It has been a slightly stressing process but in the end, it all seems to be falling into place and might actually turn out to be quite decent.

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 13.57.11

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 13.56.57

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 13.56.43

Meanwhile, the situation back homes gets worse and worse, with more students being brutally repressed by the government and opposition members being unjustly prosecuted and jailed. It’s all very depressing. There seems to be no real political plan or leadership to drive the resistance forward, no apparent solution to all this mess, and although people are in the streets fighting for their freedom and demanding a necessary change, I’m not quite sure we, as opposition, know what to do next.

Maybe I’m wrong. I really do hope I’m wrong…

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February 14

Left my bike near a student bar called Wall Street (wtf?) and took a cab home, today at 3am. Got home, threw up in my house’s backyard, went to bed and woke up five hours later, still feeling slightly drunk, to go to work. In hindsight: five beers, three cocktails, two jagger bombs and a couple of shots, might have been a little bit too much for a Thursday night.


At The Union. From left to right: yours truly, Geoffrey, Marisa and Carlos.

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February 13

Sad news coming out of Venezuela, where yesterday the police and the National Guard cowardly killed two students, only because they decided to make a stand against a tyrant government that is drowning the country in a deep shit hole. This morning, my Facebook feed was crowded with pictures of yesterday’s protest and the images of these young men, all covered in blood, shot mercilessly by the police, are terribly upsetting. Today, I just feel hopeless and disgusted…

February 10

Just got home from a very nice meeting with Vanessa, a Canadian Interaction Designer living in Copenhagen, who I contacted a few weeks ago in regards of a personal project I would like to develop a bit further. She brought along a really nice guy named Christian, who works with sound, and the three of us spent an hour chatting away and discussing potential creative pathways we would like to explore. They seem very interested in taking part and helping push the idea forward, which is quite exciting. Can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

Unfortunately, the day was somewhat eclipsed by the sad news of Michele’s Dad passing away. I knew his Dad had been struggling for a while, so although I know he and his family were expecting this to happen relatively soon, it breaks my heart that he didn’t get the chance to say goodbye. That’s probably my biggest fear about living abroad, the possibility of something terrible happening to my family while I’m so far away. Just the thought of it brings a lump to my throat.

I do hope he and his family find the strength and courage to overcome such difficult times, may his Dad rest in peace.

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February 9

I just got back from an afternoon shooting a little video in Søborg, north of Copenhagen, with some people from the agency. We’re taking part in a competition to make an ad to promote Smukfest – Denmark’s Most Beautiful Festival, as they call it – and decided to go ahead with a silly idea we had in mind. The original concept mutated substantially due to technical limitations but considering we didn’t have any money, no time to pre-produce it and will have barely a few days to edit it, I think it might turn out quite well.


Seen on my way to Søborg: not quite roller skating, not quite skiing. This is just the kind of thing I simply don’t get.

In the house where we were shooting, there was a lovely greyhound called “Chloe”. She reminded me how much I miss my dogs. I spent a few minutes petting her and she seemed to love it as much as I did, which made me think there should definitely be a place you could go and pay a few bucks to pet a random dog. I mean, come on. If there are paid public toilets, why can’t there be paid public pets?

Anyway, it’s been two weeks now since I recorded the podcast with Nathan and I haven’t been able to finish editing it, partly because I realised that my voice parts sound like shit. I tested my mic before the recording and it sounded perfect but I suppose that once I opened Audio Hijack Pro, the software I use to record Skype conversations, the audio settings must have been somehow altered, which resulted in me sounding as if I was talking from inside a bottle. Luckily for me, Nathan’s voice sound very clear so I just need to figure out how to fix my parts. That’s gonna be tricky.


Speaking of sound, I have been listening to “Cold Fact”, the debut album from American singer-songwriter Rodriguez, quite a lot and I have to say, what a wonderful record. Last Wednesday, Copenhagen woke up to a beautiful sunny day so I put my headphones on and rode to work listening to “Cold Fact”, it felt as if Rodriguez had recorded it with a bright winter morning in mind.

Powerful lyrics, catchy melodies… the album is just terrific. I must watch “Searching for Sugar Man” soon and get “Cold Fact” on vinyl, I believe I would enjoy playing it at home while I sip coffee and think about life.

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February 2

Friday night. I was feeling much better but still decided to stay in to prevent myself from exposing my airways to the cold winter breeze. Went to bed around 1am and woke up a couple of hours later, to have a little wee. On my way to the toilet, Mark (my housemate), who was also home with some of his friends, asked me to have a look in the backyard. Half asleep I emptied my bladder, then walked to the kitchen and looked out of the window. What the fuck, is that… an… igloo?


Yes, that’s a 4-person homemade igloo with inner lights and all. Just the kind of thing you make in the late hours on a quiet Friday night, no big deal. Mark shot a making-of video but I can’t find it, it’s hilarious. You can totally tell they were all high on weed, having a great time. I have know many of Mark’s closest mates for a few months now and I can understand now why people say that Danes are quite reluctant to bring new people into their close circle of friends; there’s a strong sense of brotherhood between them, the kind of bond that only develops with time and shared experiences. It’s a really nice relationship the one they have.

Actually, thinking about it, I’ve never had that kind of tie with my friends. Or maybe I’ve had it, but not with the same group of people over a long period of time, which I suppose is a consequence of me moving around so often. I was born in Caracas and moved with my family to another town when I was twelve years old, which meant I had to part ways with some of my childhood friends and start building new relationships somewhere else. Fifteen years later, I moved back to Caracas so I had to say goodbye to some of those people I had managed to become friends with, and try to make new friends back in my hometown. Of course, after so long, my childhood friends were not my friends anymore. Not even acquaintances. We went from kids to men, and in the process, whatever bond there was between us inevitably faded, turning us into strangers. That’s how life works, I guess.

A couple of years later, I moved to London and left behind the few new friends I’d made in Caracas, and three years after that I moved to Denmark, which meant that I had to say goodbye to the lovely people I had met in England which, to be honest, are the ones I miss the most. Fortunately, I’m only a couple of hours away and I try to see them as often as possible but I wish I could have them around all the time. If some of them were here, Copenhagen would be ten times more fun and enjoyable.

Well, enough of all this sentimental bullshit. What did I do on Saturday?

Oh yes, on Saturday I went for a coffee and then stopped at a hardware store to buy some pliers because some arsehole tried to pick my bicycle lock. They didn’t manage to break it so they couldn’t steal my bike but they damaged the cylinder so I couldn’t use the key to open it, which meant I had to try to cut the wire with some fucking pliers. It took me twenty minutes and a lot of hard work, which made me realise that without the right tools, stealing a bike wouldn’t be as easy as I thought. I bought a better lock and then went for a ride around town. When I was passing by Ørstedsparken, I saw a big group of parents and their kids sliding down the snowy hills in the park on tiny sledges. I had to stop and watch them play, it was great. Next time it snows, I’m gonna do that too.


In the evening, I met up with Jagda, a lovely German girl I met a couple of weeks ago. We went to Boutique Lize for a drink and managed to score two beers for the price of one, just as the happy hour was coming to an end. We had one more beer there and walked to Mikkeller, just next to where I used to live. We randomly chose a beer from the menu, number 15, and when we were done with that one we walked to a small, smoky bodega around the corner to have one last drink before heading home. By the time we came out of that place, it was already 3:30am. Not bad for a first night out.

I walked to Vesterbrogade, hoping to catch a bus but the it cruised past just when I was making it to the stop. I missed it, of course. The next one was due in 20 minutes so I just took a cab back home. The cab driver was a guy from Albania, who had come to Denmark when he was 3 years old, he and his family came here escaping from the war. He told me he likes Copenhagen but, like any other foreigner, finds it a bit hard to socialise. We both agreed it was a big strange the way things work in Denmark, where people have to be drunk to flirt with each other “I call it fake balls”, he said, referring to the alcohol-induced courage that Danes need in order to mingle with strangers. It was funny.

Woke up this morning without any traces of hangover so I went for a coffee and then rode with my bike along the lakes, listening to “…Like Clockwork” through my recently purchased second-hand Beats by Dre headphones. The day was very nice, quite sunny and mild.

Winter, if you’re reading this, please go and look out of the window: that’s how every fucking day should look like.


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