January 12

After a week of being back in Denmark, it seems like my body clock is finally going back to normal. I’m sleeping better and feeling less tired, so much so that I decided to go out last night for a bit of live music at Christiania’s Jazzhouse, a really cool place I hadn’t been to before. Milda, a Lithuanian girl I met a while ago, told me that three bands were playing so I thought I’d be nice to drop by and see what it was about.

The first band was FANTASTIC; they are called Captain Casanova and are one of the most groovy bands I’ve seen live in a small venue. They have a great stage presence and are full of energy, particularly Rasmus, the guitar/singer. In a way, they reminded me of Nirvana, not musically but in the way they performed. Maybe it has to do with that massive dive Rasmus took into the drums at the end of the show. The audience was in awe. I’m really glad I went to see them and I look forward to catch them live again. The other two bands, Mount Rushmore Safari and Metal Ghost, were good but not as good as Captain Casanova. It was one of those occasions in which the support act totally kicked the headliners little arse. Very nice.


During the show, Jonas – Milda’s boyfriend – kept buying shots of tequila, vodka, gin and tonics, and a few beers. I, of course, accepted it all, which resulted in me getting slightly tipsy before it was even midnight. After the gig, we (Milda, Milda’s boyfriend and I) went outside and had a chat with Rasmus, who told us a story about their tour vehicle: a red van they bought from somebody, and because it had “danceon.dk” written in big letters all over the caravan, they decided to buy the domain too (which luckly was available) and turn it into their official website address (you can also find them at www.captaincasanova.com). Funny that a band with a Nirvana-like onstage presence has a tour van that says “Dance On”.  I promised to get him in touch with my mate Gonzalo in Barcelona, whom I think will like the band a lot and who knows, maybe they can team up and schedule a few gigs together. That would be really cool. Rasmus gave a Captain Casanova CD and we agreed to stay in contact.

We went back inside for another drink (and a bit of dancing) and, around 2am, I decided it was time to go home. Got my gloves on and pedalled away to Rådhuspladsen, stopped at Burger King to grab a bite, locked my bike nearby and took the bus home. It’s a fact: after midnight, I can’t be bothered for more than 5 minutes.

Woke up this morning, took the bus back to Rådhuspladsen, picked up my bike, went for a coffee at Sort Kaffe og Vinyl and then came back home to help out Mark (along with some of his friends) to move some of his stuff out of the office and into our basement. We ended up the evening eating cheap pizza, watching “Bad Grandpa” (which is pretty funny, particularly the Lady’s night scene) and some random videos on YouTube.

Afterwards, some of them went out for a drink and I decided to stay home to Skype with my family and watch “World War Z”, which I’m about to do now.


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