December 12

So the headache is pretty much gone, there was nothing serious with my teeth, the dentist wasn’t terribly good looking but had lovely eyes and was pretty friendly, and no antibiotics were prescribed, which means I’m all set for the weekend!


Desiree should be arriving tomorrow at noon, then we’ll probably go for a wander around town, then I will need to escape for a couple of hours to make it to the office Xmas dinner/party, then join Desiree again in the evening and take it from there as we go. I probably should have made a plan but I kind of stop doing that long time ago, things never go as you expect it anyway.

Speaking of surprises, today I just found out that Laura, one of the girls who works at the reception here in the office, is half Colombian, lived in Venezuela for a while and speaks fluent Spanish. Who would have thought it, right? We spent 10 minutes or so, talking about her time in South America and my experience in Denmark so far. Really nice. I must invite her out for a drink sometime, I would love to hear more about her trips around the world and her take on Danish culture from her half Scandinavian/half South American perspective.

Now, off to meet Tina for dinner. It’s been a month since I las saw her and we thought it would be nice to catch up before I go away so I booked a table at that Chinese restaurant we wanted to try a few weeks ago; I never had to make any reservations at that restaurant but the time I wanted to take her there, they refused to let us in because we didn’t have a booking so we now have one and everything should be fine.

After dinner, I should probably go back home and pack my suitcase; I’m flying on Saturday at noon, I haven’t sort out my clothes and stuff I need to bring, and tomorrow it’s gonna be a busy day so it’s tonight or never.

Oh yeah, one more thing…



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