December 10

Great party on Saturday, lovely afternoon with coffee and cakes on Sunday, and then there was Monday. The day in which my throat went sore all of a sudden, and my head started to ache, and the left side of my lower jaw began to feel a bit funny. Then it was coughing at night, more headaches and one of my back teeth really started to hurt, all just a couple of days before the office Christmas party, which happens to coincide with my friend Desiree´s visit to Copenhagen (I haven´t seen in more than a year and promised her I would show her around and make this the coolest trip ever); shit going down just when I’m about to fly to London for the weekend to make a quick stop-over there before taking a 10-hour flight to Venezuela. Everything happening all together at the worst possible time.

What really sucks is that last year, around this very same date, just before flying home for Christmas, I had to rush to the dentist because one of my teeth broke and was aching. This time around my back tooth isn’t broken but hurts and something feels a bit swollen, which means I would need to go to the dentist tomorrow morning, pay God knows how much to be tortured with a fucking drill, and maybe get prescribed antibiotics, which would prevent me from properly enjoy the weekend with people I’ve been really looking forward to spend quality time with.


Well, at least my friend Carlos says the dentist is one of the most beautiful girls he’s ever seen in Denmark… we’ll see about that, tomorrow.

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