December 3

Queens of the Stone Age at Forum on Friday night: shitty place for a fantastic band. Not only Forum is probably the most soulless looking venue ever, it also has an awful sound and unless you’re front row (like I was on Soundgarden), you know the show is going to be ruined by the venue’s terrible acoustics. It’s that bad. However, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to see the band live again, playing all those tracks from “…Like Clockwork”, which in my opinion is their best record to date. Since it was released this summer, I have listened to it no less than a hundred times, and each and every time it gives me an aural boner. It’s just bloody perfect.

Anyway, I met up with Sabrina at 7pm and went inside to try to find a good spot. We chose to stand in front of the mixing table, which seemed like a nice move until the opening act – a pretty average band called Band of Skulls – finished and people started gathering in front of the stage. Soon we had a wall of sweaty people in front of us and we couldn’t see shit. At 8:30pm, Trudy rang me so I went outside to meet her and her husband, and when we went back to our spot, I suggested to move to the sides, where we could probably have a better view of the stage but they decided to stay where we were so I politely split and relocated towards the left side of the stage, where my friend Magnus and his mate were. I like Magnus, he’s one of the coolest dudes I’ve met in Denmark.

Around 9 pm, the lights finally went off and the Queens of The Stone Age hit the stage, ready to make sweet love to Copenhagen for 2 solid hours. The sound went off during “My God Is The Sun” and for a minute you could only hear the monitors, barely. The setlist was sharp from beginning to end, and all the keyboard parts from “…Like Clockwork” sound even better live than they do on the record. Of all the songs from the new album, “The Vampire of Time and Memory” has always been my favourite but I must say that “Fairweather Friends” sounded pretty good live and since then, it has been growing on me. I love the contrast of those powerful riffs and the beautiful piano parts. Oh yeah, and Jon Theodore is probably the best drummer out there; just watch him play “A Song The Deaf” and you will know what I’m talking about.

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 17.22.00

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 13.33.33

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 13.33.46

After the show, I said goodbye to Sabrina, Trudy and her husband, bought the event t-shirt and went out for a drink, on my own. I called a few friends but couldn’t get hold of anyone so I ended up at the Meatpacking District, by myself, jumping from one bar to the other: first Jolene, then Bakken, and finally that one bar/club I left at 3am the day of our Creative awayday. There, I randomly met a girl called Julia, with whom I spoke for 2 minutes before a couple of her male friends decided to her somewhere else. Stupid cockblockers.

There was also a girl all covered in tattoos that was dancing very seductively with one dude when I arrived, then suddenly took me by the hand and encouraged me to dance with her for a second, only to jump into some other guy’s arms shortly after and make out like the world was going to end that night. It was endearing scene to behold: full-on tongue, hands all over the place, stumbling on other people’s tables… you get the picture.  I finished my beer and left around 1:30am, wishing I could teleport to my bed instead of having to cycle home.

* * * * *

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 19.35.47

Those are my friend Chris’ words and I must say, he’s spot on. Copenhagen takes Christmas very seriously; the streets are nicely lit, there are little Christmas markets all over the city, people playing festive songs in the squares, cookies and xmas decoration in the office… there was even a nice parade on Sunday afternoon, with an all girls-in-Santa-costumes march band escorted by firefighter trucks, horse carriages and old vehicles, spreading joy around Nyhavn.

Well played, Copenhagen. Well played.


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