November 29

Yesterday, I met up with Carlos and Bettina after work and went to Copenhagen Business School, where Carlos studies, for a drink at their Uni bar. I must say, the whole building was pretty impressive; beautiful furniture, nicely lit up, pretty modern. It must be nice to study there. I mean, if you have to dedicate your time to eat books and attend lectures, you might as well do it in a cool place, right?

We grabbed a bite at their cafeteria and then headed to the bar, which was quite lively in my opinion although Carlos showed me a picture of the start-of-semester party and it was mental; compared to that, last night was a total fail in terms of attendance. Still, I enjoyed it. Jana and Marianne, two girls I met while looking for a room a couple of months ago and who happened to be friends with Carlos (something I found out later on), joined us shortly after we got there. I hadn’t seen them since I met them for the first time and it was nice to catch up.

At some point during the night, I randomly met a girl called Maya. She came to me and asked if I was from Mexico, probably because she heard me speaking in Spanish with Carlos and Betti. We started chatting and soon found out she was from Greece and is studying in Copenhagen, currently researching on play, a subject I’ve been very interested in since I started working on LEGO. We talked mostly about responsive playware, research methodologies, madness, sanity, and human computer interaction. Not the kind of topics you would bring up to flirt with someone on a Thursday night but still, it was a very enjoyable chat.

Around midnight, everyone decided to go home, arguing they all had to wake up very early in the morning. I had to rise and shine early too but I stayed for a little longer, drinking my last beer as I watched a bunch of teenagers dancing to some average electronic music. It was fun in a very strange way.

Fast-forward ten hours and I’m sitting on a movie theatre with all the agency for an exclusive preview of the Hero Factory film that’s going to be released early next year. The agency has been working hard on the project for several months and I must say, it looks amazing. Very nicely art directed and animated, I bet kids are gonna have fun watching it.

Now, off to grab something to eat before I head to Forum to meet up with Trudy, Sabrina and (maybe) Magnus for this:



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