November 22

We had a Creative Awayday yesterday and boy, oh boy, what a day. We started at Liquidminds at 9am, then lunch at Paté Paté (had a french onion soup that was fantastic), back to Liquidminds for the rest of afternoon and in the evening a quick stop at Mother for a beer until it was time to have dinner at Kul. And when I say dinner, I mean: bread with olive oil, oysters bloody mary, iberian ham with tempura squids and black aioli, wild shrimp with spicy advocado and cilantro; lemon sole with truffle beurre blanc, citrus and olive; Uruguay’s rib eye with clams, smoked marrow and piquillos; rib on bone with mac & cheese, pepper sauce and caesar salad; brillat-savarin with mustard pickled pear and valnøddescones, champagne, 2 types of white wine and God knows how many glasses of red. It was men-tal.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 14.40.46

Not happy with it, five of us (Trudy, Fergus, Gavin, Chris, Sandra and yours truly) decided to go to this bar just around the corner from Kul at 1am and stayed there, drinking beer and dancing dub step, or whatever that was. One by one, they all started leaving until I was all by myself, dancing with a couple of random girls I met on the dance floor. At 3am, I thought it was maybe a good idea to go home so I went out to pick up my bike, only to find a couple of lesbians making out on the parking lot; one flashing her tits while the other girl, a beautiful redhead, sucked on them.

Not a bad picture to go to bed with…

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