November 19

So I went to see “Frances Ha” on Sunday evening with Vibe, it was quite entertaining. The movie has been shot all in black and white, and the lead character, Greta Gerwig, reminds me so much to Anna Kendrick, an actress I discovered via “Blessing in Disguise”, a very funny short film I watched a couple of months ago. I wish more people were as awkward and honest as Frances or Katie, life would be so much easier and funner that way.


Yesterday, I met with Arash (the guy Tina and I met on the live drawing session last week) to join a tailored introductory screen-printing course at the same place, Christianshavn Beboerhus, which I suspect will slowly become one of my favourite spots in Copenhagen. The workshop was pretty straightforward and Lone, the lady who was taking us through the basics, made it enjoyable. I have a few ideas I would like to try out soon, mostly posters, but I still need to figure out how to exactly execute them. We’ll see how it goes.


After the workshop I met up with Ruta, whom I haven’t seen since we first met, a month ago. We went for a drink at Christiania and spent the evening talking about creativity and sharing embarrassing life stories. I had a good time, I like her.

As I was cycling home, in the cold rain, I decided to stop to grab a bite at Rådhuspladsen and eventually decided to leave my bike there and take a bus instead. But this wasn’t any bus, this was a bus who was taking this whole Movember thing very seriously.


By the way, once Movember is over, if you’re a parent with kids, please make Dinovember happen!

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