November 9

I’ve been feeling SO TIRED these days, particularly around 3pm, when I really struggle to keep myself from dozing off in the office. It’s awful. Normally, I just go downstairs and get a coffee, hoping the caffeine rush wakes me up but what I would really like to do is to go upstairs and have a nap in one of those large, puffy bean bags we have. That would be fantastic. I wonder if I can ask my boss to set up an official Nap Zone in the office; you know, a cozy place with low light and a little hammock that anyone could use when feeling drowsy in the afternoon. I bet everyone would love it… I know I would.

CPHDOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, started a couple of days ago and I really want to catch a few films, only that most of the ones I’m interested in are being screened during the day, when I’m at work, wishing I could be home sleeping. However, there are a few films I can actually get the chance to see, like “Cutie and The Boxer”, which I’m gonna watch today with a couple of girls from Couchsurfing, then on Tuesday I might go see “Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train Comin'” with Ana and, on Thursday, Mark and I are planning to catch a film but we don’t know which one yet. The program is quite diverse but I’ve decided I only want to go see inspiring/entertaining documentaries, nothing sad or depressing. I’m sure I will be missing the chance to see some film jewels but fuck it, I really can’t swallow that kind of content at the moment…

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