November 3

Our housewarming party was good, good fun. Very few people showed up but those who did, really rocked the house. Literally. We drank 4 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of rum, half a bottle of whisky and dozens of beer. We also made some pretty good fruit cocktails and use the waste as bathroom decoration. That’s how we roll.


Went to bed around 5am, woke up 6 hours later to have breakfast and then went back to bed again for an hour before heading to the office for a creative review. Spent a couple of hours discussing a few concept ideas we need to polish, then left the agency and met up with Vibe at Sort Kaffe og Vinyl for a quick coffee before heading back home, in the cold rain.

Cycling to work, hungover, on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s been a fun but exhausting weekend and in the midst of all the craziness, somehow, I realized there are a couple of personal issues I need to address as soon as possible. Funny how these flashes of sharp introspection hit you when you least expect it…

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