November 2

Every year, on November 1, Tuborg brewery launches their traditional Christmas beer in what it’s known as J-day. Basically, the brewery puts out this Xmas-themed beer and go around different bars giving it away for free. People love it, not because it’s free but because it gets them drunk quicker (the Christmas beer has 5,6% alcohol by volume, 1% more than the average Danish beer), which means that you end up seeing at 11pm what you usually see around 2am. For example, last night I met up with Jennifer and her friend Sasha at The Moose and around midnight, a girl who was in a table next to us stood up and simply threw up. Inside the a crowded bar. As you do.

My first Christmas beer, it tasted awful.

My first Christmas beer, it tasted awful.

Sasha’s coat got splashed in the process, which was somewhat disgusting. It was even more disgusting to see people unwittingly stepping on whatever this girl disgorged, it makes me gag just to think about it. I chatted with one of the girls who was in the same table and she told me that she might have been responsible for what happened; apparently, they offered the girl that threw up some sort of nicotine bag that you are suppose to suck or something, and that might have made the girl sick and eventually induced her to puke. Not a single trace of remorse on her side, though. She was actually quite smiley when she was telling me about it. Evil is everywhere.

We stayed at The Moose for a while, then went to another place nearby but there was a massive line outside and none of us could be bothered to  wait to get in so we decided to grab a bite at McDonald’s instead. Jennifer got a call and disappeared without saying goodbye so I stayed with Sasha for a while and then we decided to part ways and go home. On my way back to The Moose, where I had left my bike, I ran into Julia who coincidentally was also at The Moose (although I didn’t see her) and planning to go home. I suggested to go to my place instead and so we did. The idea was to have a drink at home but we were SO tired that we fell asleep right away.

Woke up this morning very hungover and as I type this, I’m planning with Mark what to buy for our housewarming party, which is scheduled for tonight. Many of my friends won’t be able to make it as they have other things planned but still, I think it’s gonna be quite fun.

Well, fun until I have to wake up tomorrow, all hungover or maybe still drunk, to go into the office around 3pm to work on this big pitch we have been busy with over the last couple of weeks; that, my friends, is going to be everything but fun…

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