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November 29

Yesterday, I met up with Carlos and Bettina after work and went to Copenhagen Business School, where Carlos studies, for a drink at their Uni bar. I must say, the whole building was pretty impressive; beautiful furniture, nicely lit up, pretty modern. It must be nice to study there. I mean, if you have to dedicate your time to eat books and attend lectures, you might as well do it in a cool place, right?

We grabbed a bite at their cafeteria and then headed to the bar, which was quite lively in my opinion although Carlos showed me a picture of the start-of-semester party and it was mental; compared to that, last night was a total fail in terms of attendance. Still, I enjoyed it. Jana and Marianne, two girls I met while looking for a room a couple of months ago and who happened to be friends with Carlos (something I found out later on), joined us shortly after we got there. I hadn’t seen them since I met them for the first time and it was nice to catch up.

At some point during the night, I randomly met a girl called Maya. She came to me and asked if I was from Mexico, probably because she heard me speaking in Spanish with Carlos and Betti. We started chatting and soon found out she was from Greece and is studying in Copenhagen, currently researching on play, a subject I’ve been very interested in since I started working on LEGO. We talked mostly about responsive playware, research methodologies, madness, sanity, and human computer interaction. Not the kind of topics you would bring up to flirt with someone on a Thursday night but still, it was a very enjoyable chat.

Around midnight, everyone decided to go home, arguing they all had to wake up very early in the morning. I had to rise and shine early too but I stayed for a little longer, drinking my last beer as I watched a bunch of teenagers dancing to some average electronic music. It was fun in a very strange way.

Fast-forward ten hours and I’m sitting on a movie theatre with all the agency for an exclusive preview of the Hero Factory film that’s going to be released early next year. The agency has been working hard on the project for several months and I must say, it looks amazing. Very nicely art directed and animated, I bet kids are gonna have fun watching it.

Now, off to grab something to eat before I head to Forum to meet up with Trudy, Sabrina and (maybe) Magnus for this:



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November 26

I was just writing a really long post about that amazing gig I went to last Saturday at the Royal Danish Music Academy and the party that ensued once the concert finished but the stupid WordPress server didn’t save the draft and I can’t be bothered to type the whole thing again, so I guess I will need to rely on my memory if I ever want to evoke the events of that night, which ended with me having to leave my bike at Forum Station and taking a cab home, at 4:30am, because I was too tired (drunk) to cycle home safely.

Oh Copenhagen, you’ve been quite fun lately. Please stay that way.

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November 22

We had a Creative Awayday yesterday and boy, oh boy, what a day. We started at Liquidminds at 9am, then lunch at Paté Paté (had a french onion soup that was fantastic), back to Liquidminds for the rest of afternoon and in the evening a quick stop at Mother for a beer until it was time to have dinner at Kul. And when I say dinner, I mean: bread with olive oil, oysters bloody mary, iberian ham with tempura squids and black aioli, wild shrimp with spicy advocado and cilantro; lemon sole with truffle beurre blanc, citrus and olive; Uruguay’s rib eye with clams, smoked marrow and piquillos; rib on bone with mac & cheese, pepper sauce and caesar salad; brillat-savarin with mustard pickled pear and valnøddescones, champagne, 2 types of white wine and God knows how many glasses of red. It was men-tal.

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 14.40.46

Not happy with it, five of us (Trudy, Fergus, Gavin, Chris, Sandra and yours truly) decided to go to this bar just around the corner from Kul at 1am and stayed there, drinking beer and dancing dub step, or whatever that was. One by one, they all started leaving until I was all by myself, dancing with a couple of random girls I met on the dance floor. At 3am, I thought it was maybe a good idea to go home so I went out to pick up my bike, only to find a couple of lesbians making out on the parking lot; one flashing her tits while the other girl, a beautiful redhead, sucked on them.

Not a bad picture to go to bed with…

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November 19

So I went to see “Frances Ha” on Sunday evening with Vibe, it was quite entertaining. The movie has been shot all in black and white, and the lead character, Greta Gerwig, reminds me so much to Anna Kendrick, an actress I discovered via “Blessing in Disguise”, a very funny short film I watched a couple of months ago. I wish more people were as awkward and honest as Frances or Katie, life would be so much easier and funner that way.


Yesterday, I met with Arash (the guy Tina and I met on the live drawing session last week) to join a tailored introductory screen-printing course at the same place, Christianshavn Beboerhus, which I suspect will slowly become one of my favourite spots in Copenhagen. The workshop was pretty straightforward and Lone, the lady who was taking us through the basics, made it enjoyable. I have a few ideas I would like to try out soon, mostly posters, but I still need to figure out how to exactly execute them. We’ll see how it goes.


After the workshop I met up with Ruta, whom I haven’t seen since we first met, a month ago. We went for a drink at Christiania and spent the evening talking about creativity and sharing embarrassing life stories. I had a good time, I like her.

As I was cycling home, in the cold rain, I decided to stop to grab a bite at Rådhuspladsen and eventually decided to leave my bike there and take a bus instead. But this wasn’t any bus, this was a bus who was taking this whole Movember thing very seriously.


By the way, once Movember is over, if you’re a parent with kids, please make Dinovember happen!

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November 15

Usually, when wasn’t able to post on the blog, it used to be because I couldn’t be bothered to sit down and write, not even a few lines, but this time around my absence has been totally justified: I have been busy.  Busy watching documentaries, drinking beer, dancing in the wee hours, drawing naked people and, in general, enjoying myself in Copenhagen.

On Saturday, I went to CPH:DOX with Tina and Laine, a couple of girls I met through Couchsurfing. We went to see “Cutie and The Boxer”, a documentary about Ushio and Noriko Shinohara, two Japanese artist who met at New York’s vibrant art scene in the 1970s. If you have the chance, go see the film; it’s a charming (though sometimes upsetting) love story.

After the film, we went for a coffee at Sort Kaffe og Vinyl and then Tina and I went to Christiania to meet up with my friend Carlos for a bit of Science and Cocktails, one of my favourite events in Copenhagen. The talk, entitled “How Music Evolves”, was given by Armand Leroi; author, broadcaster, and professor of evolutionary biology at Imperial College in London, who took inspiration in Alan Lomax’s “Cantometrics” to develop a better system that allows him to analyze large data banks of songs, looking for patterns in music to try to understand its evolutionary process. Really fascinating stuff.

The cocktails were pretty good, too. They always are. We had three of them and then headed to Mojo for a bit of live blues. I had never been there before and, apart from the fact that the bar is really smoky (one of the things I really hate about Denmark is that you’re allowed to smoke in really small places), the bar is quite cozy and the atmosphere very lively. Carlos left about an hour later but Tina and I stayed, smashing the dancefloor until 3am. It was great. We cycled home singing Copacabana, like this.

I spent Sunday at home, couldn’t be bothered to go out. Well, I did, briefly. I was supposed to go to IKEA to buy a bed (my mattress has been on the floor for a month now, just because I couldn’t be bothered to dismantle my old bed frame when I moved out) so I showered, put some clean clothes on, and 5 minutes after I left the house, I felt like going back and lay on the couch again. So I did.

Fast forward to Monday. I was supposed to meet Carlos and Jana at Paludan Cafe but I couldn’t make it on time so left the office and went straight home. The next day, I met Ana to go see “Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train Comin'”, which I didn’t like that much. It was great to see some of the footage and interviews with Jimi, but the documentary wasn’t as comprehensive as I thought it would be. I guess I wanted to know more about what happened outside the stage, what other musicians at the time thought of Hendrix (they say Pete Townshend started his trademark windmill move in an effort to “compete” with Jimi’s electric stage presence) and why not, a story or two about his well-known excesses. All in all, I enjoyed the film, just not sure if it was worth the money.

On Wednesday, I met up with Carlos and Bettina at The Living Room for a quick drink and yesterday I met up with Tina again, to go to a live drawing session in Christiania. Arash, a guy from Couchsurfing, invited us to this place where people gather every Thursday, from 7 to 9pm, to draw naked bodies. Well, just one body, really: the one of a young man. It was my first time and to be honest, it wasn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be. I also got a bit frustrated with my drawings and started to mind-wander after a while. Maybe 2 hours is too much, but in general, I quite enjoyed the experience. Tina and I are planning to go there regularly, let’s see if we manage.

After the live drawing session, we went to this really cozy jazz bar in Christiania, which I visited shortly after I moved to Copenhagen. I don’t know what the name of the place is but it has red lights, a small stage, and cheap beer. Just what we needed. Unfortunately, it seems that sometimes there are also obnoxious drunk farts. Just a minute after we sat on our comfy couches, an obnoxious old man engaged Tina in a conversation and she just went with the flow. Somehow, the conversation escalated very quickly and all of a sudden, this guy was telling her he hated Americans, Germans (Tina is German), Jews and children. He started shouting at the band, too. It was a pain in the arse. I was going to tell him to fuck off but Tina didn’t wanted me to, instead she suggested us to ignore him. We tried but Arash couldn’t help himself from being nice and kept talking with him, until we decided it was enough. Tina politely asked him to leave and surprisingly he did, without much complaining. We had a drink and then we went home.

Today, the Statens Museum for Kunst has another SMK Friday so I’m meeting Carlos and Bettina later on to have a drink and wander around the museum, it’s usually pretty good on days like these…

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November 9

I’ve been feeling SO TIRED these days, particularly around 3pm, when I really struggle to keep myself from dozing off in the office. It’s awful. Normally, I just go downstairs and get a coffee, hoping the caffeine rush wakes me up but what I would really like to do is to go upstairs and have a nap in one of those large, puffy bean bags we have. That would be fantastic. I wonder if I can ask my boss to set up an official Nap Zone in the office; you know, a cozy place with low light and a little hammock that anyone could use when feeling drowsy in the afternoon. I bet everyone would love it… I know I would.

CPHDOX, the Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival, started a couple of days ago and I really want to catch a few films, only that most of the ones I’m interested in are being screened during the day, when I’m at work, wishing I could be home sleeping. However, there are a few films I can actually get the chance to see, like “Cutie and The Boxer”, which I’m gonna watch today with a couple of girls from Couchsurfing, then on Tuesday I might go see “Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train Comin'” with Ana and, on Thursday, Mark and I are planning to catch a film but we don’t know which one yet. The program is quite diverse but I’ve decided I only want to go see inspiring/entertaining documentaries, nothing sad or depressing. I’m sure I will be missing the chance to see some film jewels but fuck it, I really can’t swallow that kind of content at the moment…

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November 3

Our housewarming party was good, good fun. Very few people showed up but those who did, really rocked the house. Literally. We drank 4 bottles of wine, 2 bottles of rum, half a bottle of whisky and dozens of beer. We also made some pretty good fruit cocktails and use the waste as bathroom decoration. That’s how we roll.


Went to bed around 5am, woke up 6 hours later to have breakfast and then went back to bed again for an hour before heading to the office for a creative review. Spent a couple of hours discussing a few concept ideas we need to polish, then left the agency and met up with Vibe at Sort Kaffe og Vinyl for a quick coffee before heading back home, in the cold rain.

Cycling to work, hungover, on a Sunday afternoon.

It’s been a fun but exhausting weekend and in the midst of all the craziness, somehow, I realized there are a couple of personal issues I need to address as soon as possible. Funny how these flashes of sharp introspection hit you when you least expect it…

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November 2

Every year, on November 1, Tuborg brewery launches their traditional Christmas beer in what it’s known as J-day. Basically, the brewery puts out this Xmas-themed beer and go around different bars giving it away for free. People love it, not because it’s free but because it gets them drunk quicker (the Christmas beer has 5,6% alcohol by volume, 1% more than the average Danish beer), which means that you end up seeing at 11pm what you usually see around 2am. For example, last night I met up with Jennifer and her friend Sasha at The Moose and around midnight, a girl who was in a table next to us stood up and simply threw up. Inside the a crowded bar. As you do.

My first Christmas beer, it tasted awful.

My first Christmas beer, it tasted awful.

Sasha’s coat got splashed in the process, which was somewhat disgusting. It was even more disgusting to see people unwittingly stepping on whatever this girl disgorged, it makes me gag just to think about it. I chatted with one of the girls who was in the same table and she told me that she might have been responsible for what happened; apparently, they offered the girl that threw up some sort of nicotine bag that you are suppose to suck or something, and that might have made the girl sick and eventually induced her to puke. Not a single trace of remorse on her side, though. She was actually quite smiley when she was telling me about it. Evil is everywhere.

We stayed at The Moose for a while, then went to another place nearby but there was a massive line outside and none of us could be bothered to  wait to get in so we decided to grab a bite at McDonald’s instead. Jennifer got a call and disappeared without saying goodbye so I stayed with Sasha for a while and then we decided to part ways and go home. On my way back to The Moose, where I had left my bike, I ran into Julia who coincidentally was also at The Moose (although I didn’t see her) and planning to go home. I suggested to go to my place instead and so we did. The idea was to have a drink at home but we were SO tired that we fell asleep right away.

Woke up this morning very hungover and as I type this, I’m planning with Mark what to buy for our housewarming party, which is scheduled for tonight. Many of my friends won’t be able to make it as they have other things planned but still, I think it’s gonna be quite fun.

Well, fun until I have to wake up tomorrow, all hungover or maybe still drunk, to go into the office around 3pm to work on this big pitch we have been busy with over the last couple of weeks; that, my friends, is going to be everything but fun…

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