October 28

Back in July, I stuck this post-it note to my bedroom door:


I was tired of leaving the house without my keys, which forced me to call my housemate to open the door for me or, as it happened many times, make him come back to the house to let me in. It was slightly annoying for me, and a complete pain in the arse for him. One day, I decided to take action and stuck that post-it to my door. I wasn’t particularly optimistic about it but to my surprise, the little reminder worked; every time I was about to leave my room, I would see the tiny piece of paper on the door and immediately remembered to grab my keys. Boom. I was winning at life.

I actually became so good at keeping track of my keys that I stopped thinking about it at all; it was an automatic process now: waking up, having a shower, brushing my teeth, getting dressed; grabbing my wallet, my phone and my keys, and finally leaving the house. I was a well-oiled machine running smoothly every morning… until today. Today, I forgot my fucking keys in my room and left the house without them, which meant I couldn’t unlock my bike to go to work and had to take the bus instead. Now, in my defense I would like to say that since I moved to my new house, I have no post-it on my bedroom door so the fact that I managed to get my shit together for three weeks, without any reminder, it’s actually a terrific accomplishment.

Anyway, not being able to unlock my bike turned out to be quite convenient as that storm I was talking about yesterday finally hit Copenhagen today in the late afternoon and it was very windy (they say it’s the most powerful storm in Denmark for the past ten years), so my ride back home would have probably been a nightmare. Weather authorities said hurricane force winds of over 120 Km/h were expected in western Denmark and actually, a few people from the office got stranded in Jutland as the train service was shut down. On the way back, the bus had to detour and left me 800m away from my house, which meant I had to walk all the way up as really strong wind was blowing everything up. I recorded this (crappy) short video as I walked past Frederiksberg Have:

Walking at night, under this weather, was exciting and intimidating at the same time; it made me feel alive but also made me a bit paranoid of the trees. I was totally sure I was going to be suddenly hit in the head by a flying branch and the fact that the girl that was walking in front of me was wearing a helmet and I wasn’t, only made things worse. Eventually, I made it home safely and now I lay on the couch, listening to Mark Lanegan’s “Imitations”, which is a terrific record. Go play it, you’ll know what I’m talking about…

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