October 27

I’ve just been with Csilla to the World Press Photo ’13 and I have to say, it was quite depressing. I was expecting to see a lot of travel photography but instead there were loads of very disturbing pictures reflecting some of the darkest and most sickening aspects of mankind. The pictures of Somayeh Mehri and Rana Afghanipour, a mother and her little daughter who were attacked with acid by Somayeh’s husband Amir, really shocked me. I fail to understand how anyone would be capable of such atrocity. As I stared at those pictures, I felt disgusted and angry and hopeless. I stood there, on the verge of crying, with a knot in my throat and strange feeling in my stomach… it was very upsetting.

Towards the end of the exhibition, the pictures became a bit more uplifting. Of all the photos I liked, these were my favourites:


A long-tailed macaque, wearing patchwork clothing and a doll’s head, performs in Solo, Central Java.


An emperor penguin shoots toward the surface, in the Ross Sea, Antarctica.


Magellanic penguins, at Whenzou Zoo, Jingshan Park.

After the exhibition, Csilla and I went for lunch at Magasasa, a Chinese restaurant I like. We ordered fried squids (which were not that good) and fried noodles with beef (which were quite nice). We then parted ways and I biked home, in the rain, just before it got really windy. Mark just told me a storm will be hitting Copenhagen in the next couple of days, which is great news; now I have a good excuse to stay home, save some money and give my little liver a rest.

Speaking of which, I just read Lou Reed died today. He was 71. I never followed his career closely but I’m familiar with The Velvet Underground and there are a few of his solo songs that I like, particularly “Sex With Your Parents” and “Perfect Day.”  The latter used to be a song that reminded me of happy times but nowadays it has quite the opposite effect. Still, I’m gonna give it a listen, for good ol’ Lou’s sake.

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