October 21

Friday: met up with Naomi, a girl from Holland I got in touch with through Couchsurfing. She was in town for a few days and was looking for people to show her around so I invited her to come with me to the Statens Museum for Kunst for the SMK Friday, an event with a good mix of art, music, film, art talks, poets, artists, and DJs. We got there quite late, around 8pm, so we only managed to have a couple of beers before the bar closed and we really didn’t get to see much of what was on offer but Naomi loved the place and there was quite a nice atmosphere in the museum so it was worth it. We then headed to a small bar/café nearby for another drink, and there I suggested the idea of exchanging embarrassing stories from our childhood. I won’t go into the details but I tell you, none of my stories were as good as Naomi’s. She really kicks my arse in the faux pas department.

Saturday: spent most of the day at home, aimlessly browsing the Internet while I waited for my friend Sasha to come home. I met Sasha shortly after I moved to Copenhagen and at that time, she used to work at the same agency I’m working now. Funny coincidence. She now lives in Hamburg and made it all the way here just to attend Monika’s birthday and housewarming party, which turned out to be loads of fun. There was a good bunch of friendly people dancing to a coloruful playlist, put together by the party’s guests on Spotify, while consuming yummy food and ridiculous amounts of alcohol. This, of course, led to all sorts of funny episodes I prefer to keep to myself. It was lovely.

Sunday: The following picture pretty much sums it up.


I woke up fine so Sasha and I went for a coffee around noon, then met up with some of her friends and said goodbye to her shortly after. I stopped at Julia’s house for pancakes and then headed home for a nap. Mark was also very hungover so we ordered some pizza and spent the rest of the day, laying motionless on the couch while watching films on Short of the Week. I took a break to Skype my mom and then caught up with my friend Ram, whom I hadn’t spoken to for a couple of months. Shortly after I was back on the couch, watching a Swedish TV series Mark is fan of. I have no clue what they say but I still watch it and try to decipher what’s going on, or come up with a parallel storyline based just on the acting but most of the times, I just lay there hungover and don’t give a fuck. After all, I just need some sort of moving image going on the TV that I can stare at until I feel like going to bed.

Today: It was raining this morning. I hate to cycle when it’s raining, makes the whole experience very unpleasant. Had a relatively quiet day at work, now back home babysitting Mark’s mom’s dog, which hasn’t stop barking and howling since they went out for dinner, twenty minutes ago.


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