October 15

After almost 3 years, my friend Teemu and I have finally reunited. On Friday it was Kulturenatten in Copenhagen, which meant there were all sorts of cultural affairs going on in the city. Out of all the options available, we decided to meet up with Alice, Henry and Dan and went to the Carlsberg Factory for a free tour around their premises and the museum. The inside of the factory was quite nice but apart from that, and the fact they were giving away free beer, there wasn’t anything else that was particularly special about the place.

Ad people winning at life

Ad people winning at life

We then headed to The Moose, a bar near Nørreport, where a drunk Jack Sparrow look-alike wouldn’t stop staring and pointing at me from the bar. Very strange to be hit on by a dude. Then we went to Candy Factory, a sort of cultural house/squat full of people who like house music; it’s not my kind of thing but I hadn’t been there before so it was nice to experience the place. Shortly after we got there, a cute girl started dancing next to me so I thought it would be a good idea to start a flirty conversation. She smiled, we went to the bar to grab a beer, dance a little more and next thing I know,  we’re talking about her pubic hair. For at least 15 minutes. Seriously, I don’t know how I get into these things.  I think it all started as a feminist-ish conversation but escalated too quickly and suddenly she was telling me all about this one guy she was fucking and how much she hated the fact she had to shave for him because the guy wouldn’t like her having a little bush down there. She also told me she was on a 2-week sex break because she had shagged way too much this week. At that point, I excused myself, went to find my friends and said goodbye to the fully-shaved loonie. Teemu and I stayed at the club for a couple of hours and finally went back home at 4am but Alice and Henry stayed until 7:30am. Those two do like their house music.

Why drink one beer when you can drink two?

Why drink one beer when you can drink two?

On Saturday, we met up again with Alice, Henry and Hannah to go to a Soviet themed house party. It was being hosted by Sebastian and Halya, a couple I met through Couchsurfing a month ago or so. They are super nice and fun. By 8pm that day we didn’t have any fancy dress so Teemu, Alice and I decided to buy some colourful balaclavas and decided to go as Pussy Riot, which isn’t Soviet at all but what the hell, it was all we’ve got. Despite our poor costumes, we had a lot of fun. There was plenty of food, a guy got pretty wasted on vodka and passed out in the kitchen (he was drinking all sorts of spirits from the bottle as if it was water so he got what he deserved), Hannah passed out on the couch, and at some point I stopped being a pussy rioter and turned into a russian pirate with a wooden sword, which I used to poke people while I danced to some weird soviet music from the 80’s. Just your average Saturday night.

According to this guy, this is how you're supposed to enjoy a Soviet party.

According to this guy, this is how you’re supposed to enjoy a Soviet party.


Sunday was cleaning day. Teemu and I first cleaned the flat and then joined the guys who live in the other 2 flats of the house to do some serious cleaning on the stairs, they look great now. I also got to meet K2, my neighbours’ massive dog, who happens to be an alpha male. He’s the leader of a 50-dog pack that meets every Wednesday in a field somewhere outside Copenhagen, just to hang out and learn some dog social dynamics. Apparently, K2 is pretty cool with humans but can turn into a merciless killing machine if challenged by other dogs. Actually, a small dog had the misfortune to go for a wander on K2 territory while he was without a leash and the episode didn’t end up well; K2 attacked him, shook him the way crocs do with their prey, threw it in the air, bit it again and almost killed it. Pretty brutal.

After we were done with the stairs, I went with Teemu to do my laundry and grabbed a coffee at Sort Kaffe Og Vinyl while my clothes got washed. We then went back home, cooked some dinner, and waited for Alice, Hannah, Marina and Henry to show up; they were supposed to pop by the house to have some wine but in the end, as it was raining, everyone stayed home and we called it a night quite early. Which was probably the right thing to do, after such a wild weekend.


Fast-forward a few days and here I am, in the office, working on a cool LEGO project. It’s not going to see the light of day anytime soon but still, it’s quite exciting to be part of it…

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