October 6

Spent most of the day at home, unpacking my stuff and tidying up my new room. While I was sorting out my clothes, organising my books and wiping dirt off the shelves, I decided to listen to a few vinyl records: “Girls, Girls, Girls – The Best of Burlesque & Striptease Music”, which I find a bit repetitive after a while; “Never Say Die” by Black Sabbath; “Trans” by Neil Young, a record  I like because is full of synthesized sounds and Vocoderized vocals that are so not Neil Young; and “Renegades” by Rage Against The Machine, a terrific album that can make a lazy Sunday even better.


Mark was off for a wedding somewhere and came back this evening with pizzas and a few movies he randomly borrowed from a friend: “Behind The Candelabra,” the movie in which Michael Douglas plays Liberace, the gay pianist, and Matt Damon plays his much younger lover, Scott Thorson. Now, we’re not homophobic but the scene in which Michael Douglas gives Matt a blowjob puts us a bit off so we decided to stop it there and try the other movie, “The East,” which I thought was pretty average (Ellen Page looks great, though).

Now, off to watch one more episode of House Of Cards before going to bed. I’ve just started the first season and after a couple of episodes, they had already won me over. Kevin Spacey’s character is brilliant and Kate Mara is hot so I guess that’s good enough reason for me to give this one a try…

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