October 4

Last night, I finally caught up with Nada. It had been a few months since we last met so it was really nice to see her again; she’s funny, unpretentious and really good company. We have a pretty similar sense of humour, the kind that doesn’t go down very well here in Denmark, so we tend to laugh and complain about the same things. I love that.

We had a couple of drinks at The Living Room and decided to have an early night as both of us have been feeling crap. I discovered that Nada lives in my new neighbourhood, relatively close to my house, so we rode together most of the journey and after we parted ways, just when I was getting home, I realised I had left my phone at the place we were at. What a moron. I had to go all the way back, pray for the phone to still be there (it was) and then cycle home again. Those were 40 extra minutes of cycling in the cold that I could have easily gone without.

Got home, had dinner and went straight to bed. I’ve been feeling very tired and sleepy lately, I don’t know why. I think it might have to do with the fact that the days are getting shorter so maybe that’s messing up with my body, who knows.

* * * * *

My Creative Director suggested me to do a small presentation in the agency today, to show some of my work and tell everyone a little bit about my story and what I had been up to before joining Advance. I put together something really simple, mostly using funny animated GIFs. That way, I thought, if they didn’t find my story interesting at least they could have fun looking at the GIFs I had carefully hand-picked for them. In the end, people seem to have enjoyed my presentation and a couple of people even laughed out loud so I guess my plan worked just fine.

In other news, my friend Teemu just confirmed he’s coming to visit me next week. I met Teemu back in 2009, at Wieden+Kennedy London, and we hit it off right away. I think the last time I saw him was 2 years ago so I’m quite looking forward to see him again, I’m sure we’ll have loads of fun in Copenhagen.

Finally, today I also found out Univision is doing a remake of Breaking Bad for the Latin market entitled “Metástasis”:

Oh dear. Just by watching the trailer, I can think of a hundred ways in which this could be a major fuck up. To begin with, it looks like shit! Greedy bastards. I mean, come on. Can’t you make money out of something else? Why ruining a terrific series, maybe one of the greatest tv shows in history, with a lame remake like this? Seriously. Just let people watch Breaking Bad with subtitles and move on…

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