October 2

Last night, I watched again the last episode of Breaking Bad and shortly after, I saw this on my Facebook Timeline:

There are a few holes in this story (he’s homeless but has TV? why does he looks so fit?) but still, watching this video made for an A1 day, indeed.

* * * * *

I just had a very nice dinner with Mark and a couple of his friends. We had a bottle of wine in the backyard, then we moved inside and Mark cooked dinner while Mere, a girl Mark has been collaborating with, and I talked about creativity and my outlook on Danish culture. Then we sat at the table and had a pretty sweet meal, chatting about movies, car crashes, and the possibility to go to Mars on a commercial flight. We were later joined by Mariah and Mimi, who hung out for a bit. We also had a bit of a Cuban rum that Delia, the Slovakian girl who visited me recently, brought me as a present. After a glass of rum, if was time for Mariah to call it a night but before leaving, she took on the challenge to get me into Yoga; we agreed that I will join them, at least once a week, for a 7:30am session in her flat (which is just upstairs, in the top floor of the house I recently moved in to) – Now I need to figure out which day of the week is better for me to wake up that early…

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