September 23

I need to move out on Sunday and haven’t found a new place to live. I can’t seem to find time to write here either so I’m going to take a shortcut, go straight to the point and squeeze the last 3 days in a just a few sentences, just to catch up.

Friday: I felt like I was going to get sick but nothing really happened, which was good. Decided not to push my luck and stayed home.

Saturday: Hannah, Alice and I were supposed to go to see a Frida Kahlo exhibition but we changed plans last minute and decided to go to a flea market instead. On her way there, Hannah ran into a polish guy she had met through Couchsurfing, mentioned she was looking for a guitar and he kindly offered to lend her a guitar he had at home. Really nice. I had met this polish guy before (although I can’t remember his name), really cool dude, so we all went for a coffee and then headed to their place to pick up the guitar. However, Alice and I were a bit hungry so we detoured to grab a pizza and left Hannah to it.

In the evening, I met up with Therese, a lovely Norwegian girl I met last week. We went for a drink at Dyrehaven and had a great time. She’s the kind of people I enjoy to hang out with; she’s clever, don’t take herself too seriously and made me laugh a lot. She also found my jokes funny, which is quite remarkable because a) she wasn’t drinking any alcohol and b) my sense of humour usually falls a bit flat here in Scandinavia. We planned a bunch of stuff we want to do soon so we’ll see how that goes.

Sunday: meet up with Hannah, Alice, Marina (Hannah’s housemate), Sarah, and Henry to go to Tivoli Gardens, a place I had only been to once, back in May, to watch the Champions League final on a massive screen. The weather was a bit crap but still, it was pretty nice to walk around the gardens at night. I’ve been told that lightning designers from all over the world come to Tivoli to study the way it has been illuminated: a lighting scheme of 120,000 incandescent light bulbs with an specific low light intensity, carefully developed by one generation of light masters to create an ideal atmosphere for music, performance and gathering. It’s spectacular. The fireworks are pretty sweet, too; I was particularly impressed by how perfectly synchronized with the music they are.

I recorded a video but the quality is crap and doesn’t make it any justice to the real thing so I think I’d better keep it to myself.


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