September 16

Yesterday I went to meet up with a couple of guys who are renting a room in an apartment in Nørrebro, the district I used to live in when I first arrived to Copenhagen. They have secured a 4-bedroom flat and are auditioning people that could eventually take over the last two rooms, which is why I met them yesterday: to try to convince them I was a cool guy they’ll enjoy having around at home. I’m not sure I managed to fool them but I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Then I met up with my friend Jocelynne, a girl who works as a dancer in a über posh lap dance club in town. She is good, good fun. I met her and her boyfriend a couple of weeks ago at a Couchsurfing meeting and last night we decided to catch up over drinks. We started at Charlie’s Scotts, a jazz bar that’s usually really lively but that yesterday, being a Sunday night, was completely dead. We had a couple of beers there and then went for a stroll around the desolated streets of central Copenhagen until we reached a place called Sam’s, a karaoke bar that’s also a Chinese takeaway restaurant. You get the picture.

By the time we arrived, there were 4 japanese guys taking turns to get on the stage and sing their hearts out in front of a roaring audience consisting of a bartender, a bouncer, Jocelynne and me. Pretty intimidating. The guy in charge of the microphone when we got there (pictured below) was singing “Father and Son”, a song I actually like (although I prefer Johnny Cash & Fiona Apple’s cover than Cat Stevens original interpretation). For a Sunday night amateur singer, he wasn’t bad at all; he seemed to be enjoying himself, followed karaoke etiquette and during the instrumental bits he did the Axl dance in slow motion, as if he had smoked way too much weed, thus delivering a very heartfelt performance.


While we were at Sam’s, Jocelynne told me a few stories of people doing stupid things at some of the strip clubs she has worked at. Like the story of a guy who saw a New Orleans Police horse standing outside a club and thought it would be a good idea to jump on it and ride away, only to be caught 5 minutes later and accused of assaulting a police officer (he had hit the side of the horse to encourage it to run, and because the animal is actually considered a police officer too, whacking it represented an serious offence) or the guy who stormed out of a club and went to the police to report that a dancer had stolen his cocaine, which of course resulted in the guy being immediately arrested for admitting drug possession (what a fucking idiot!) She also told me about the night in which she and her mates bought ten lap dances from a 70-year old stripper at some club in America, just for the laugh. Despite the cracks all over her full-on make-up, the elderly woman apparently was very keen on kissing customers and happy to shake her rack if someone was willing to pay for it. Sounds pretty fucked up, I know, but in the end the senior dancer ended up making more than 200 bucks from a single table so I guess she was quite pleased with the result.

We left Sam’s and headed to another bar in which, according to Jocelynne, a man had been stabbed just a few days ago. There was no one in the bar and no traces of blood on the premises so we got inside and after one drink we realised it was 1am and probably time to call it a night, especially considering I had to work the next day. It was good fun to hang out and fascinating to hear all these stories so we agreed a logical course of action would be to make this our Sunday ritual: beers, cheap bars and crazy tales. What’s not to like?

* * * * *

Today I officially started my new job at Advance. Everyone was ver welcoming and friendly, I’m already working on a nice brief and my team seems genuinely happy to have me on board, which really makes a difference. After work, I went to meet a couple of girls who were renting out a room but arrived a bit earlier so I went for a short walk around Nyhavn to kill time. As I was standing in front of the harbour, with the sun still shining on the clear blue sky, I realised this was one of those days in which I was really, really happy to be in Copenhagen. I’m not going to lie, I liked the feeling…

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