September 14

I’m in house-hunting hell. After only 2 months of moving in, my metrosexual housemate decided he didn’t want me in the apartment anymore (nothing personal, he said) so I was abruptly forced to find a new place to live just when hundreds of students are coming to town to start University. It’s always difficult to house-hunt in Copenhagen but doing it during these months is an absolute nightmare.

One of the main problems, apart from the tsunami of students looking for rooms, is that my social network in Denmark is almost non-existent. People tend to find out about housing opportunities through their friends and having less than 20 of them means my chances of finding something through my peers are pretty low. Some of them, however, are really trying to help out. Like my friend Nikolaj, who posted this on Facebook a couple of days ago:


I found it funny, maybe because it reminded me of this. Apart from having friends posting silly stuff on Facebook to help me with my search, I’ve also been using some web services that are supposed to make things easier. Every now and then, it works, but in general it isn’t as effective as one would hope. Sometimes I see and room I like, check it and soon discover the people renting it out are only looking for a female tenant, something that really pisses me off (what’s up with that? girls could be as messy, problematic and obnoxious as guys, just look at Miley Cyrus); other times, the upfront payment demanded by the landlord is just way out of my reach, and most of the times, people simply doesn’t respond to my enquiries, which defeats the whole purpose of paying for the service in the first place.

I pay to get access to the contact details of the landlord and be able to get in touch, then sometimes there’s not even a phone number and the person renting out the place doesn’t reply the emails. What’s the bloody point, then? Oh, and don’t get me started with the people who offer rooms and posts pictures of the front door, the kitchen, the living room, the garden, the bathroom, the hallway that leads to the neighbour’s apartment, the view from the rooftop, the cat they own but NO PICTURE OF THE ROOM THEY’RE RENTING OUT.


Anyway, my friend Marcelo has told me I could crash at his apartment if I haven’t found anything by the time I need to move out from my current place, which is very nice of him. Finding shelter under a bridge doesn’t sound like a good idea now that the days are getting darker and colder. It’s been a great summer, with plenty of sun and warmish days, but I suspect this winter is going to be a nasty fucker. Not looking forward to meet him at all…

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