September 4

Turns out that CocoRosie show was one big French-American indie rip off. Vibe and I walked away after the fourth song because it was way too evident for us (but not for the rest of the people, apparently) that one of the girls was lip-synching. There was no tension in her throat when singing, she barely opened her mouth, she was moving off the mic very often and yet the most amazing, crystal-clear, powerful voice came out through the speakers. I’m not an expert in musical performance and singing techniques but I’m pretty sure she was lip-synching. And you know what? It hurt my feelings. And my pocket. I had never paid to see a musician pretend to be a musician and in all honesty, I didn’t like the experience at all. I felt betrayed and annoyed and wanted to yell out loud something really offensive at them but in the end I remained a gentleman and suggested we just leave and grab a drink in the nearest bar.

We finished the evening at Bang and Jensen, drinking beers and red wine, wondering how no one else seemed to have noticed the hoax; we saw some people leaving the venue when we walked away but we still were in desperate need of validation so I texted a friend who was also at the show, hoping that he could confirm what we strongly believed was an obvious lipsync. He didn’t help us much.


Well, fuck it. CocoRosie, you might have fooled 500 people but not us! No matter what everyone says, you were clearly tricking us with some dodgy playback. Period.

* * * * *

Today I went for a third interview at an agency that seems to be quite interested in hiring me, hopefully I will hear from them soon. Spent the afternoon walking around with Diana, a really nice girl from Slovakia who’s in town for a couple of days. We went for a walk around the city centre, then stopped for food, we tried a horrible Thai beer, had a look at the LEGO store in Strøget and then came back home.

We’re still deciding if we go out for beers or stay in watching short films. I vote for the latter…

UPDATE: We went for a beer. Ten percent alcohol beers. In the rain. With some random Londoner/Turkish guys we met at the bar.

Screen Shot 2013-09-04 at 11.50.27 PM

We’re back home now, slightly drunk. Diana is having a shower, I’m listening to Elvis.

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