September 3

I’ve been enjoying my first 2 days of unemployment. Yesterday, I went to the launderette that is just around the corner from my house and met a really nice girl called Sarah, from Germany, who moved to Copenhagen a couple of weeks ago to undertake a MA in Languages. I only approached her because I saw her standing in front of one of the washing machines, staring at the spinning clothes. I like to do that too; there is something about watching garments revolve inside of a washing machine (or a tumble dryer) that I find mesmerizing. As it was evident we had at least one thing in common, I thought we might as well have a chat while we waited for our clothes to be ready. That soon turned into a “why don’t we go for drinks tonight?” so we met up again at 8pm and grabbed a few beers at Bang & Jensen, a nice cozy place that normally plays good music but that last night, for some reason, was mixing cool rocky songs with stuff like “Take My Breath Away.” Despite the dysfunctional music selection, Sarah and I had a really nice time. We laughed a lot. With time I have discovered that Germans have a great sense of humour and no matter how reserved they might be at first, they always end up making offensive jokes and laughing at really weird shit. I like that.

This morning, or course, I woke up slightly hungover but that’s fine, it was worth it. I popped by the office I used to work at, to drop some files they needed, then went for a coffee at, wait for it, Sort Kaffe og Vinyl and then headed East for a job interview, which went down quite well, I think. Now I’m back home, listening to Abbey Road (my friend Charlie gave me a DVD with all The Beatles records in .flac format, so I’m going through all of them, one by one), eating chocolate and fighting a fucking miserable headache that has been bothering me since I woke up. Just checked and have no pills that can help me get rid of it so I guess I have no other choice but to man up and deal with it.

The good news is that CocoRosie is playing Copenhagen tonight. I’m going with my friend Vibe, a lovely girl I met in a coffeeshop a few months ago. I gave her a CocoRosie record as a birthday present shortly after we met so when we heard the French-American sisters were coming to town, we both agreed it was a show we had to see together so that’s exactly what we’re doing. Not a bad plan for a Tuesday night, if you ask me.




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