August 19

Nice, warmish day in Copenhagen, a city that looks fantastic when the sun is out. If only that happened more often. Sigh. To be honest, after spending almost 3 years in London, the weather here doesn’t really bother me as much as it probably would if I had come straight from Venezuela, but still, I wish there were more than just a couple of months a year of slightly summery clime in Denmark. Oh well.

Today I’m starting something I hope can become a nice little ritual of mine: listening to one record a day without any interruptions. After reading this post by Mikael Cho a couple of weeks ago, I realized how rare it’s for me to listen to an album in its entirety without any breaks; I’m always clicking through spare tracks on Spotify or shuffling playlists on my iPhone. Apart from the new Queens of the Stone Age record, which I’ve been listening to solidly for the last couple of months (and L.A. Woman when I’ve been off for long bike rides), I haven’t really sat down to experience an LP the way it should be so, from today onwards, I’ll do my best to play one record per day and listen to it carefully, with headphones, and without interruptions; not while doing stuff on my laptop or cleaning around the house or checking my Twitter feed on my phone, no. I will try to close every browser window, turn off my mobile, and just sit there (or lay in bed) and devote my full attention to a collection of songs that were meant to be enjoyed in a particular order, from beginning to end. I have asked my friends to help me put together a to-listen list, feel free to contribute to it by leaving your suggestions in the comments.

Oh, and It’s my sister’s birthday, today! She’s terrific and one of the finest human beings I know, I wish I was back home to give her a big hug and have an equally big piece of that wonderful chocolate cake she told me she was going to bake today. You know, it’s a little bit sad to acknowledge that since I left Venezuela three years ago, I have missed every single of her birthdays. And my mum’s, my dad’s and my aunt’s, too. They have also missed mine and if it wasn’t for Skype, I’m sure nostalgia would have devastated us all by now. We try not to make a big deal out of it but deep down, those little moments are the ones I wish I didn’t have to sacrifice in order to go after the things that make me happy.

On days like this, I can’t help to wonder if I’m ever going to regret it…

[ Listened to: Pink Floyd – Dark Side Of The Moon (live in Wembley, 1974) ]

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