Monthly Archives: December 2012

Man, it feels great to be walking normally again. Since I got off the crutches I’ve been rediscovering the pleasure of travelling on foot, a luxury I had taken for granted, and now that I’m slowly going back to shape, every flight of steps that I successfully climb within seconds, every little jump out of the bus, every shower that I take without having to sit on the edge of the bathtub first to then rotate my body carefully into the receptacle to finally stand on one leg while I wash myself, every tap dance around the kitchen… every single step that I give without the aid of a stick becomes a┬átremendous victory I celebrate in all my Rocky-like glory.

Besides making great progress in the physical department, I’ve also been moving forward in different paths of life: I’m officially graduated, got a freelance gig at KK Outlet last week (fantastic place with lovely people inside), I’ll be home next Sunday, Jimmy bought and signed a copy of “Celebration Day” for me (really nice of him) and Ross took me to see Soundgarden play at Shepherd’s Bush Empire a month ago. It just seems like everything is finally coming together and although it’s still too early to sing my praises, the immediate future looks much brighter and exciting now than it did a couple of months ago, and I can only cross my fingers and pray for everything to go as planned. If so, this goddamn tough year might actually end on a high note. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

Now, why isn’t WordPress displaying the title of this post? I have no idea…


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