Grab yourself a fun pass

Every now and then, life makes me feel that dreamers are highly overrated. All these people holding on to hopes, pouring every ounce of their energy to make things happen, taking punches over and over again only because they know there’s nothing else they rather be doing but chasing this damn thing that make their hearts beat loudly; fighting against adversity, uncertainty and fatalistic foretellings armed only with a dauntless spirit and a loving ambition… what are they getting out of it, anyway? Sometimes events in life lead me to believe these people are just a bunch of ingenuous fools who sooner or later will suffer the painful disillusions of the dreams they dearly treasure and die victims of the merciless by-products of their own hippie creation.

But then, just when you’re on the brink of deeming that innocent desire as a big disheartening waste of time, someone shows up on your doorstep and restores your faith in everything you were about to give up on…


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