If only

Do you know at what time did I actually fall asleep last night? No, you don’t and neither do I. It would be very difficult to know exactly because there’s no way to fall asleep and look at the clock at the same time but I reckon it was like 3:30am, maybe 4am. I was in bed flipping like a burger on a grill, not being quite able to find a comfortable position to rest and feeling a bit cold even though the heating was on and I was fully wrapped in wool and duck feathers. I guess I was just too tired.

Eventually, I managed to shut my eyes for 7 good hours and contrary to what you would expect, I woke up feeling like a was ran over by the whole cast of “The Biggest Loser” while I slept. Fucking hell, every inch of my body ached and I had no food to ease the pain. Our fridge is empty as all of us went away for the holidays so all I had for breakfast this morning was a cup of coffee I borrowed from one of my housemates and a couple of slices of bread we had in the freezer.

Despite the hopeless forenoon, I found energy to do some laundry, met up with Mr. Ross Halfin afterwards for a coffee and then went to Wellcome Collection, one of my favourite museums in London, to have a look at the “Miracles and Charms” exhibition they’re holding at the moment. I was particularly delighted by the collection of votive paintings on display as part of the show “Infinitas Gracias: Mexican Miracle Paintings”; some of them quite bizarre, others very very touching. There were hundreds of retablos and I got there quite late so I didn’t have enough time to go through them bit by bit so I’m gonna have to come back some other time to make it right.

There was also a wide range of amulets from Edward Lovett’s collection and some very nice small-scale works in wax by Felicity Powell, which I found fascinating. They have a very nice video showing the making of these very intricated pieces of art but for some reason there’s no way to embed it here so you will need to click on this link to watch it.

All in all, a nice first Saturday of the year. My body still hurts and I have a ridiculously long list of things to do but besides that, I think it would be fair to say it feels good to be back in London again. If only it was warm and sunny…


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