Room for failure

As I mentioned in my last post, I started writing things for this blog long ago. Two months ago, to be precise. I started writing as soon as I got into Uni with the idea to keep track of my classes and learning progress, day by day, as it happened. What follows was supposed to be my first entry, as written on my first day at London Metropolitan University. Two more back-to-the-past posts to go until I can actually start writing about more current affairs. Please, bear with me, dear reader.

October 3, 2011

After 6 years, I’m back to school. Well, University at Masters level but still, back to the student life with the twist that comes from being in a foreign city, speaking a language that was not set by default when my mum gave birth. All pretty exciting, though. After my first class, I must admit that I feel quite thrilled by the whole idea of taking such challenge at this point in my life and curious about how my poor brain and it’s mercyless attention deficit disorder are going to deal with it.

You see, I decided to take this course because I reckon the Media landscape is shifting and creativity as a tool is being deeply affected by technology so exploring the future of cultural engagement and the interplay between digital and physical media, between technology and the textured visceral world of reality, sounds tremendously exciting to me. I believe that our future as human beings will be physical as well as digital therefore my interest in analysing and understanding the current issues and future developments in multimedia and interactive tools, discovering new ways to engage with people and my desire to find out how to fit into these worlds to produce relevant pieces of work that can contribute to the development of innovative means to communicate in the digital space, even though I’m not a coder or programmer. Far from it.

Actually, I have zero experience in software development or computer science, the last videogame I enthusiastically played was Phoenix on an Atari 2600 and have never been much into very technical endeavors myself. Frankly mate, this could be a suicide mission, a very expensive one by the way, but knowing there’s so much room for failure makes my heart pump like Taiko drums being played by the whole Kodo generation high on Speed. In a good way. I mean, I’m not entirely blind here; I have a decent background in advertising and Internet has been my creative playground for a few years now so I’m not really scared of fucking up and failure actually has most of the times served as driving force in the past so I guess that in the worst case escenario, I will need to learn a lot at a ridiculously fast pace while trying to keep my job and get the minimum amount of sleep a normal human being requires to fully function on a daily basis and THAT can’t be that difficult, right?



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